Your favorite buddy cop movies?

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    Your favorite buddy cop movies?

    Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan star in the latest buddy cop movie "Cop Out." Here's a roundup of other films starring memorable and unlikely duos as partners in crime.

    Which pairs are your favorites?
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    Re: Your favorite buddy cop movies?

    The French Connection (Starring Gene Hackmen and Roy Scheider)

    The famous car chase from The French Connection.

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    Re: Your favorite buddy cop movies?

    "In The Heat of the Night"  It's great watching Steiger and Poitier at the top of their game.  THey could have made Steiger just another dumb southern redneck, but his character is far more complicated than that.  For those who haven't seen the movie, Steiger is also something of an outsider in the town of SParta, MS.  He's not out to make friends or improve race relations; just solve a murder.
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    Re: Your favorite buddy cop movies?

    Not a favoriate, but you can't mention "odd" cop buddy movies withouth a nod to Steakout.  Richard Dreyfus and Emilio Esteves playing tough, jokester cops - with mustaches !  About as odd and unlikely cop due as you can get.
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    Re: Your favorite buddy cop movies?

    The ODDEST of them all has to be Exit to Eden with Rosie Odennell and Dan Aykroyd !  Two of the least likely cops go to a porn/fettish vacation island undercover to solve a case.  Wow, that is entertainment.  Wouldn't that get anyone to a movie? Come see Rosie and Dan in dominatrix outfits !
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    How about Robert DeNiro and Charles Grodin?

    Midnight Run is one of my favorites, with Robert DeNiro as the cop-turned-bounty-hunter and Charles Grodin as his charge.  Some great lines in that film.
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    Re: Your favorite buddy cop movies?

    French Connection was the one that came to mind for me too.  But what I really want to point out was that "Mr. Tibbs" was lent, not sent, to help. Remember, he was the first suspect, and was kept around as the potential fall guy if the case went unsolved.  For anybody that doesn't ring familiar to, it's time to either re-see it or see it for the first time--two master actors and a director at the top of their craft (and the supporting cast wasn't half bad either).
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    Re: Your favorite buddy cop movies?

    Running Scared - Gregory Hines (Hughes) & Billy Crystal (Costanza)

    - It may be formulaic and the soundtrack forever ties it to the 80s (Michael McDonald!), but these guys made a trite concept funny again.  Their characters knew each other, practically finishing each others' sentences and riffing on just about everything in sight in a very un-PG13 manner.  They seemed like they were having fun on the set, which made it more fun to watch.  Extra credit for not going for the extra buck and making an inevitably inferior sequel.
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    Re: Your favorite buddy cop movies?

    Well, they weren't cops, but it doesn't get any better than Peter Falk and Alarn Arkin as Vince and Shelly in The In-Laws.
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    Re: Your favorite buddy cop movies?

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    Re: Your favorite buddy cop movies?

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    Re: Your favorite buddy cop movies?

    Here's a  few they missed.

    To Live and Die in L.A. starring William Peterson, Willem Dafoe. Directed by William Friedkin.
    Peterson plays maverick thrill-junkie Secret Service agent Richard Chance who is assigned a new partner, rookie agent John Vukovich (played by John Pankow). Willem Dafoe plays Rick Masters, a ruthless counterfeiter who killed Chance's old partner. Chance is willing to do anything to get Masters while Vukovich wants to play by the rules (or at least avoid deliberately and flagrantly breaking the law). Masters wants to avoid prosecution by any means and is trying to kill anyone who is a threat to him.  
    The film features bit parts from then-unknown actors and has a famous wrong way car chase on the L.A. freeway. The original soundtrack from Wang Chung features their best work and is surprisingly good.
    It was supposed to be part of a series but poor boxoffice due to the unpopular and shocking hanging ending cancelled that idea. An alternate ending is available on the Special Edition DVDs.  

    The Laughing Policeman [1973] starring Walter Matthau, Bruce Dern, and Louis Gossett Jr.
    Based on a Swedish crime novel (Den Skrattanden Polisen [1968] by writer couple Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö) and seamlessly reset in 1970s San Francisco. The title ironically refers to a Charles Penrose ditty about a happy policeman, the opposite of police detective Martin Beck, the grumpy protagonist in Sjöwall and Wahlöö's book series set in Stockholm, Sweden.
    Matthau plays Lieutenant Jake Martin, a curmudgeonly SFPD police detective trying to solve a multiple murder on a bus; one of the victims turns out to be his partner. Dern plays Larsson, Martin's new partner. The investigation starts to heat up when it uncovers links to an earlier case involving a murdered woman.  
    Dern and Gossett have breakout roles as detectives. Matthau graciously shared top billing with Dern, which helped make Dern's career.    

    "Oh, Jake, short lawyers - they worry me. Probably got enough juice to get a Sodomy beef reduced to 'Following Too Close'." - Inspector Leo Larsson (Bruce Dern) to Lt. Jake Martin (Walter Matthau). The Laughing Policeman. 

    Dragnet [1987] starring Dan Ackroyd and Tom Hanks.
    I have no idea why they chose to mention Turner and Hooch and K-9 (two cop / dog movies in a buddy cop film list...really?) and not this parody of the long-running radio and TV show.
    Dan Ackroyd plays uptight by-the-book detective Joe Friday, nephew and namesake of the famous LAPD detective. Tom Hanks plays freewheeling former undercover cop Pep Strebek, his new partner. 
    The plot is something of a mess (Ackroyd always needed an editor like John Landis or Harold Ramis to balance him). However, Tom Hanks' manic Strebek is a good counterpoint to Ackroyd's impeccable impersonation of the terse and old-fashioned Joe Friday.     

    "After losing the two previous vehicles we had been issued, the only car the department was willing to release to us at this point was an unmarked 1987 Yugo, a Yugoslavian import donated to the department as a test vehicle by the government of that country and reflecting the cutting edge of Serbo-Croatian technology." Det. Joe Friday (Dan Ackroyd), Dragnet.  

    Alien Nation [1988] starring James Caan and Mandy Potemkin.
    Directed by James Cameron.
    In this near-future sci-fi tale an alien slave ship crashed on Earth during the Reagan presidency. America is trying to assimilate these so-called "Newcomers" into its society but keeps them restricted to Los Angeles to better control them. They have distinctive names because INS employees in Los Angeles county went crazy coming up with new names for millions of new citizens, so they began using puns (Polly Wanacracker) and names of famous people (Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein) or fictional characters (Peter Rabbit). 
    Most Humans dislike and resent the Newcomers (who they call "slags") because they are smarter, stronger, and more adaptable than humans, can only digest spoiled food (like roadkill), and because they have a bizarre and unique culture.
    Caan plays Matt Sykes, a "specieist" cop whose partner and best friend was recently killed by Newcomer gangsters.
    Potemkin plays Samuel "George" Franciso, the first Newcomer policeman to be promoted to Detective. The Human officers shun him and obstruct his efforts to get assigned to field duty.
    Sykes requests Francisco as his new partner so he can use his Newcomer community connections to track down the Newcomers who killed his old partner. Sykes is openly hostile and rude in the beginning, but slowly learns to respect Francisco and they eventually become friends.
    Together they reveal the US government's connections to the Overseers, the Newcomer caste responsible for controlling and managing the ship. They also uncover a dark secret about the Newcomers that Francisco will do anything to keep.      

    "You humans are very curious to us. You invite us to live among you in an atmosphere of equality that we've never known before. You give us ownership of our own lives for the first time and you ask no more of us than you do of yourselves. I hope you understand how special your world is, how unique a people you humans are. Which is why it is all the more painful and confusing to us that so few of you seem capable of living up to the ideals you set for yourselves." - Det. Samuel "George" Francisco (Mandy Potemkin), Alien Nation. 
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    Re: Your favorite buddy cop movies?

    48 Hrs. is probably my favorite.  Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy are both at the top of their game and the exchanges between the two are hilarious.  The balance between humor and violence/suspense is just about perfect.  James Remar also makes a great villain.

    Midnight Run is also excellent, great performances by DeNiro and Grodin.  
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    Re: Your favorite buddy cop movies?

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    Re: Your favorite buddy cop movies?

    Some Asian buddy cop films:

    Yes, Madam! (AKA In the Line of Duty) [1985] starring Michelle Yeoh (billed as Michelle Khan) and Cynthia Rothrock. Directed by Tsui Hark.
    Michelle Yeoh plays a senior HKPD detective (the "Madam" of the title). Cynthia Rothrock plays a British Scotland Yard detective reassigned to Hong Kong to bring down an international criminal gang. Evidence that would convict the gang of the murder of a British diplomat is on a microfilm that was stolen by a gang of hapless petty thieves (Sammo Hung, John Sham, Tsui Hark, and Mang Hoi). The gangsters are trying to track down the thieves and Rothrock and Yeoh have to find and protect them. 
    Rothrock and Yeoh do their own stunts and fight scenes. Yeoh injured herself in a fall during the finale because she worked without a net or airbag.  

    Royal Warriors (AKA In the Line of Duty 2, Police Assassins) [1986] starring Michelle Yeoh (billed as Michelle Khan), Michael Wong, and Hiroyuki Sanada (billed as Henry "Duke" Senada). Yeoh, Wong and Sanada play law enforcement officers from different agencies who meet while thwarting a plane hijacking. The criminals involved were members of the same elite military unit. The last member of their unit decides to avenge their deaths.   

    Hard Boiled (AKA Hot-Handed God of Cops) [1993] starring Chow Yun-Fat and Tony Leung Chiu-Wai.
    Directed by John Woo.
    Chow plays HKPD detective "Tequila" Yuen and Leung plays an undercover cop posing as a gangster named Alan. They spend most of the film fighting each other while they both work seperately towards bringing down insane arms dealer Johnny Wong (Anthony Wong Chau-Sang).  
    The film is peppered with some of the most over-the-top gunfights on film and helped make John Woo famous.             

    "Give him a gun, he thinks he's Superman; give him two and he thinks he's God." - Superintendant Pang (Philip Chan), rebuking detective "Tequila" Yuen (Chow Yun-Fat). Hard Boiled.

    High Risk starring Jet Lee and Jacky Cheung
    Jet Lee's take on Die Hard.
    Lee is a former SWAT cop turned bodyguard after a faceless bomber/extortionist named the Doctor killed his family and wiped out his team. Jacky Cheung plays his new employer, a cowardly and lazy action hero who is lying on his laurels that is a thinly-veilled parody of Jackie Chan.
    Cheung is invited to a prestige showing of the Romanov crown jewels at a newly opened luxury hotel in Hong Kong when the Doctor and his gang of sociopathic mercenaries take it over to steal the jewels (locked in exploding armor-plated cases) and ransom the wealthy and famous hostages (who have bombs strapped to them). Lee has to save the day and takes on Doctor's entire army (with some belated help from a revitalized Cheung) while trying to figure out which one of the hostages is actually the devious Doctor in disguise.   

    City of Violence
    This Korean movie is about a group of childhood friends who return to their hometown for the funeral of a friend who was brutally murdered. One of the friends, a big-city cop, decides to investigate the crime. Idyllic on the surface, the town is revealed to have many dark secrets - including the real motivation for their friend's death. The circle of friends turns on itself and a final showdown at the end pits them against each other.  
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    Re: Your favorite buddy cop movies?


          Stakeout is a great one but let's not forget Lethal Weapon.
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    Re: Your favorite buddy cop movies?

    Beverly Hills Cop
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    Re: Your favorite buddy cop movies?

    'Diehard' with Bruce Willis as Detective John McLane & Reginald VelJohnson as Sergeant Al Powell. 

    While McLane is trapped inside a building that is taken over by terrorists & his only outside contact being Al. These two became fast friends via 2-way radio.