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Your review of the final film

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    Your review of the final film

    Now that you've seen "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part Two," the final installment in the Potter franshise, we want to know what you thought.  Post your review of the film here and don't forget to mention how you think it compared to the book.
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    Re: Your review of the final film

     First thing to mention: I didn't read the books. 

     I was disappointed in that I fully expected one of the main good guys (sorry, Snape doesn't count) to die. This did not happen.
     Was very nice to finally see the older characters getting in on some of the fighting, and the smile on the face of Ron's mom as she kills Bellatrix is priceless.

     My biggest fault with the film however can be summed up with this:

     Final film, my behind. The door was left wide open for a HP9, although it won't be named HP (it'll be his youngest kid's name) and it won't be written by Rowling.

     On a positive note, however:

     Where I didn't read the books, the story in the movies has progressed predictably enough. I'm sure it doesn't match the books, but in my case I cannot compare them, so I'm only looking at the movies.
     Each movie has its ups and downs and is good enough on their own, and as Harry gets older, the stories get darker (albeit not dark enough, IMHO).
     I'll probably read the books now that the series is over (find it less disappointing then reading the books and watching the movies).
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    Re: Your review of the final film

    the books left it wide open too...and they're 1000x better than those stupid movies.
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    Re: Your review of the final film

    I loved the Snape story, as I also enjoyed the "Open at the Close" bit before Harry "dies" in his penultimate confrontation with Voldemort

    It was definitely the quest I imagined it would be.  Unlike the Order of the Phoenix and the Half Blood Prince, I felt like the content was captured in a way that it could be appreciated without feeling rushed, whereas the two movies held at fault here skipped a lot of great content and felt completely rushed.

    I thought the ending was left slightly open as many good endings do, if only to provoke thought and imagination on the part of the reader.