Now, first of all, I want to make it clear that recording a song again on a live album is not what I am talking about. We expect artists who record a live album to play a varied selection of best known songs mixed with a few surprises. So, when Bruce Springsteen plays 'Glory Days' on a live album , this is not a "cover."

However, it has come to my attention that a few artists have actually "covered" their own songs in studio...that is they have revived or resurrected a previously recorded song with a newer version.

I wonder why they do this. Were they stuck for "filler" on an LP or did they think the first version was not mixed or played the way they wanted it?

Some examples , I can think of:

Joe Walsh recorded 'Turn To Stone' on two different LPs , there is a slight difference. The version, I think most are familiar with is from the LP "So What?", The original is on the LP 'Barnstorm.'

Neil Young originally recorded 'Mr. Soul' with Buffalo Springfield, but resurrected it for his solo LP 'Trans.'

Whitesnake recorded "Fool For Your Lovin' ( No More)" on two different LPs.

Deep Purple's 'Bloodsucker' (In Rock) was brought back more recently as "Bludsucker'( Abandon) with Steve Morse wielding the axe.

Blue Oyster Cult has released two versions of 'Astronomy', one on 'Secret Treaties'....the "cover" on 'Imaginos.'

Dave Mason's 'Feelin' Alright' was covered by Joe Cocker, but the original is on a Traffic LP and Mason "covered" his own song in studio during his solo career.

ELP's 'Tank' appears on their first LP and was later rerecorded on 'Works Vol.1'

Bob Welch wrote and sang 'Sentimantal Lady' while with Fleetwood Mac, he later released a newer version and had a big hit with it as a solo artist.

Last but not least, the Beatles had two versions of 'Revolution' , the hard rock version most know, and the slower tempo version on the 'White Album.'

Pretty cool

Do you have any to add?...Do you think any of the "newer" versions are better? many I cases , I like both. The Joe Walsh song is the major exception, the "cover" is the better one.