You hear this every so often.

It's very impossible to play with "everybody" , but some have given it their best shot.

Two that come to mind are Vinny Appice and John Wetton.

Vinny drummed for (among other lesser known acts):Ted Nugent, Vanilla Fudge, Jeff Beck,Cactus, Blue Murder , Ozzy Osbourne, and Rod Stewart.

John Wetton played Bass and sang for : U.K., Uriah Heep, Family , King Crimson, Wishbone Ash, Asia , Roxy Music and various other lessr known artists.

There have been a few other notables who have played with different bands over the years, Glenn Hughes, Steve Vai, Rick Derringer. You can't really say that any of them played with "everybody."

Any others who played for at least 6 relatively well known artists?