Since this board is dead, for whatever reason, I'd like to share a couple of concert reviews from the last 2 weeks.

Neither show would be one that would be considered mainstream or popular, but I was able to catch the Rich Robinson Band and the other night, I caught Donna The Buffalo again, which is always a good time.

First, my friends and I strolled up to the Carolina Theater in Durham, NC which is about a 10 minute walk from my place.  I knew there would be tickets available because he can't sell out a place like that. What we didn't know is that we could get in for free.  No scalpers around, so we walked up to the ticket booth and the gal started trying to sell us orchestra seats. lol

Anyway, I asked what she had in the balconies and it was closed down. Check.

Next, I asked what the cheapest seat was....She kept trying to sell us seats in the $40 range which is just silly for a show like this.  I know the artists wants seats down filled, but I am not paying that. 

Lastly, she goes over to her boss and whispers, the boss nods, and off we go with 4 free tickets in the orchestra section. 

This is why I like the fact most bands and artists I am interested in seeing, not being on the radio and popular.

There is a first time for everything, I suppose.  As for the show, Rich misses his brother with the vocals, but he cn carry a tune. His solo material is not the best, but there are some moments in there.

They teased the outro on the Crowes "Oh Jospehine" during a jam, which was cool and got the crowd's attention. Other highlights included a cover of "Gun" by War. I was not familiar with that, but it had a cool groove to it.  The others were Dylan's "When I Paint My Masteripiece" which I've never heard RIch do solo before. He nailed it.   The opener, and a new track, called the Giving Key, was also really well done. 

The Giving Key w/Amy Helm on backing vocals:

Overall, a typical Rich solo show, where you leave pining for a Crowes show, but you appreciate the roots of how much of that sound is derived.

The other night, a handful of us met up at the HAw River Ballroom which I've heard great things about since moving back here.  Small venue, great acoustics, sort of an industrial brick design, and about 40 minutes away in between Greensboro and Durham/Chapel Hill.  Very impressed. They had two great restuarants/bars attached to it and they were packed. It's pretty funny being in a small village in the middle of the countryside like that, yet having whatever you wanted at your fingertips. Many of the local brews were on tap and great farm to table food on the menu. Very nice.

Anyway, the show is always fun. I called the opener (Funkyside -" rel="nofollow"> which is always a barnburner.

Highlights included Funkyside and Silverlined and some newer tunes that I hadn't heard before.

They also reeled off a funky jam I hadn't heard before.  It was great.  Regardless, every show I see from them whether at a festival or in a club, they always drop in something new or fresh so you're not getting the same exact show over and over. 

They always have a new album out and are always touring. If you like zydeco, folk, rock and roll, country, funk, etc, this is where it's at for $20 and a 3 hour show.

A good time had by all. Go and see some live music,