Well, if this isn't coincidental, uncanny timing, I don't know what is; this concisely illustrates the points in the "should they leave the stage" thread.  It is voluntary, and while he probably has more juice to give, he's ready to retire on his own terms.  Bowing out gracefully, as they say.   

Moz, love him or hate him, he's retiring.  

From WERS website:
"Steven Patrick Morrissey has decided to call it a career. Morrissey has previously stated his intentions to retire, and given that he’s been in court against NME and he is still without a record label, maybe he’s making the right call. His legacy with The Smiths and as a solo artist has earned him the right to do whatever he wants with his career.

Morrissey has been touring around Asia and has praised Japanese culture. He also recently spoke out against President Obama, calling him “useless” and “simply a set of teeth.” With just about any other artist, these statements would seem outrageous, but it’s typical Morrissey fare.

Funny story: yesterday I was having lunch at Four Burgers, a high-end fast food place near Emerson, and The Smiths’ “Nowhere Fast” came on over the speakers. It was one of the most ironic things I’ve ever experienced, for Morrissey is an outspoken vegetarian and that song is from an album calledMeat Is Murder! I can only imagine how Morrissey would have reacted had he known his music was playing there.

It’s refreshing when artists decide to go out on their own terms instead of turning into a nostalgia act or waiting until their act turns stale. R.E.M. did it last year, Ween did it this week, and now Morrissey will soon hang it up. Here’s hoping that he at least comes back to the US for one last victory lap. Thanks for the memories, Moz."