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AmericanaramA Festival

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    AmericanaramA Festival

    I couldn't let this one slide...

    Per Dylan's website, it seems he's picking up a few indie heavyweights on his summer tour this year.  In addition to shows with Dawes and Wild Feathers, he will also be joined at various points by:


    My Morning Jacket

    Richard Thompson

    Ryan Bingham

    I've seen all of these except Mr. Bingham (to whom I've warmed up thanks to this forum), but to have these folks under the same roof is like a mini traveling newport folk festival with plenty of electricity to spare.

    Coming as this does amidst a flurry of other shows I've already committed to, this is still pretty tempting.  And although I've never seen a truly great (or even very good) performance by Dylan up close, I wonder if the others might keep him on his toes.  If anything, a few choice Woody Guthrie covers would be in order gien the pedigrees of the performers.

    (Now to break the news to tha missus....  ;))  )


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    Re: AmericanaramA Festival

    Missed this. Great lineup. Thanks.

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