Because i love you all

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    Re: Because i love you all

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    Ok.  I am giving it up.

    There is a small sorta-Supermarket chain called Aldi's.

    For 6 monhs, I have been eating obscene amounts of this obscene deal.

    TWO beautifully marbled and gorgeous, 2 inch thick, 4 inch around, filet mignon.


    Yes, for less than the price of ONE crappy Big Mac, you get TWO filets, wrapped in bacon no less.

    I have described these delicious morsels, as, "so good its stupid".

    Absurd works too.  They are superb beyond belief.


    Now the caveate.

    If my Aldi's in Medford runs out of these suckers, because of this, I am an IT expert, and have the wherewithal, to trace your IP addresses to your homes, and kill you all - and will do so.

    Beyond that, this is our musicians forum, and I love you all.







    One of the funniest posts I've ever seen on these boards. However, I question the quality of the meat if it's that cheap.



    GreggInMeffa are there a lot of missing dog or cat posters around that market?

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