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Belated nod to the BU Marsh Choir (singing backup / Rolling Stones)

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    Belated nod to the BU Marsh Choir (singing backup / Rolling Stones)

    I didn't have a chance to post this last week, unfortunately, so forgive the belated congratulations to Boston University's Marsh Choir who got the opportunity of a lifetime singing backup vocals at the the two Rolling Stones concerts in Boston last week, for "You Can't Always Get What You Want."    

    Each stop along the way on the 50th Anniversary tour features a chorus from the local region where the concert takes place.   The band teams with a local choir to perform the song; this 2013 anniversary tour marks the FIRST TIME the Stones have performed with a live choir.  

    Mick introduces the chorus at each concert.   C'mon, this is nice; don't go all cynical on me. 

    The BU choir performed at the top of their game, apparently.   One of the best comments in the article I read was in regard to the sound check.   The BU student's comment said it was the "best part" of the entire experience.   The Stones took the sound check seriously, and did not in any way mail it in.  Totally professional, and very impressive.   

    The students also reported that playing to an arena of close to 20,000 people is exhilarating.   That the entire stage was shaking and vibrating, and the level of noise coming from the crowd is deafening beyond all imagination while on stage.  The Stones are amazing up close.    "Nothing like playing at a classical concert."   

    We often underestimate that bands are professional musicians and entertainers.  Even after 50 years, they care and work hard.   May they rock on and give more local choral groups a thrill for the duration of the tour.   

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    Re: Belated nod to the BU Marsh Choir (singing backup / Rolling Stones)

    Trivia:  Who plays French horn on the record, and what was he doing when he was asked to play it?