Best Bar Juke Box

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    Best Bar Juke Box

    Now that they have those new type of juke boxes it is a littel different but for anyone who has  been to the bar scene are there any that still have good juke boxes? Like JJ Foleys on Kingston street in Boston and upstairs at Charlies Kitchen in Harvard Square are two that come to mind. Back in teh day The Rat had a beauty

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    Re: Best Bar Juke Box

    Back in the day....any jukebox that had a Led Zeppelin song was okay with me.

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    Re: Best Bar Juke Box

    Best juke box that I've ever come accross belonged to the late great Narragansett Cafe, a bastion of blue collar boozing smack dab in the middle of touristy Newport RI. The owners son filled the machine with his personal 45 collection that included some great local bands (Big World! we miss you!)

    I always loved sitting at the bar there to see the toursts take a step in and then quicky flee as if their lives depended on it.


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