...and I see a lot despite my advanced age.

Born in 1961, I was desperate to see the Real Kids, DMZ and other bands but - even though I didn't start drinking until around 1983 - I was shut out.  

Once I was allowed to indulge my passion, until I emigrated in December 1989....I probably saw...whoa, just did the math.....5,000 bands play.  I'd have guessed half that but 5 nights/week 3 bands/bill for 9 years.  No wonder I'm so weird and deaf!  (not deaf at all, btw, it's a miracle)

There were only two "name" bands I never saw play, both by choice.  Pixies (great band, but just not my thing...despite KD's brilliance) and Barrance Whitfield and the Savages (little ignorant sh1t....I liked RNR and Punk so didn't want to go see an R&B band).

Woke up from my coma about 10 years ago and have their LPs.....saw Barrance play with Deke Dickerson in Vegas a few years ago, great stuff.

But tonight they played at a crappy Hipster bar called the "Blues Kitchen" in Camden. Incredible.  Barrance is a brilliant singer/frontman.  And Peter Greenberg is possibly the best git player Boston has produced (I'm trying to be less bolshy, IMO he is by far the best from Boston!)

It was astonishingly great.  What a huge regret....

Anybody like them/see them?