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Blue Oyster Cult

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    Re: Blue Oyster Cult

    Burning For You was originally intended to be a solo song for BOC guitarist Buck Dharma, who co-wrote it with Richard Meltzer.  (Buck put out a solo album called Flat Out around the same time as the BOC album Fire of Unknown Origin.)  But when the rest of the band and the record people heard the song, they pleaded with Buck to put it out as a BOC song, because they knew it was going to be a hit and the band needed one desperately for commercial reasons. 
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    Re: Blue Oyster Cult

    I just want to put a word in for BOC's 'comeback' album, Heaven Forbid, released in 1998, 10 years after their previous album Imaginos.  I was listening to this album the past couple of days.  It's a very solid album, a very diverse group of songs, some great rockers and as usual some very interesting subject matter.

    Followers of BOC know that they have some obsessions with death and the supernatural, and on this album there are two songs on those topics that I have to rave about.     

    The first is 'Harvest Moon'.  This is a gorgeous-sounding song with some very dark and spooky material straight out of Stephen King.  It's a tale about a place with a history, a place where some bad things happen in the night.

    The second is 'Live for Me'.  Another beautiful song, about a man whose brother is killed by a drunk driver.  The dying brother tells the surviving one to live for him.  It's something that could be corny if not done properly but in this case the message is handled eloquently and movingly.  There's a little sound clip at the end of the two brothers playing together as little boys that really gets to me.