Bruce Hornsby: How Great (or Grateful)?

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    Bruce Hornsby: How Great (or Grateful)?

    What are your thoughts on Bruce Hornsby?  He seems to make the rounds in the summer, is at many music festivals, has continuing popularity, and is an all-around fan favorite musician / singer / songwriter (and all-around nice guy).   Hornsby has a well-known tie to the Grateful Dead, and I'd be surprised if any GD fans out there never saw them play together.  I know this is a no-no to mention, but Bruce was the GD's presenter when they entered the RnR HOF -- that's how close they were and still are.  

    He seems to be one of the most versatile musicians imaginable.  

    Any fans out there?  Thoughts or reflections?  Any albums, tracks, or memories that are stand outs?   
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    Re: Bruce Hornsby: How Great (or Grateful)?

    No love for Bruce Hornsby?

    I saw a very brief interview with Bonnie Raitt (Note: I know very little about her music, and what I do know, I'm sorry to say, I don't care for -- but, she's had a long and successful career and I respect her reputation); her new album was released this week after a 7-year hiatus, apparently, hence, the interview.  

    While I'm at it, Raitt's bio reads like a veritable "she's played with every roots and blues session musician" in the business, for those of you who know who they are, I'd bet if you read who worked on her new album, "Slipstream" you'd recognize the names of the whole lot of them.   She is so well-connected, liked, and revered, it's as easy as pie to get the best of the best to work or collaborate with her.

    So all this to say ... she went overboard describing her admiration for Bruce Hornsby, tears welled up in her eyes describing the song "Mandolin Rain" and in that short interview, she showed incredible appreciation, respect and adoration not only for Hornsby, but also for a number of other singer/songwriters and musicians.  She's also a social activist with many causes near and dear to her (she's close to Jackson Browne and Graham Nash) and she has been involved in the last two presidential elections.   Maybe you'll see her at a rally soon.  

    She's worked with Alison Krauss, too.   :)

    If you're interested in Bonnie Raitt's new album, hop over to amazon.   

    Otherwise, this is a long-winded way to give you the reason I posted about Bruce Hornsby; the post is now a two-fer in case any of you want to check out Raitt's new album.   amazon has a sampler and you can buy singles in mp3 format if you don't want the whole shebang.  
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    Re: Bruce Hornsby: How Great (or Grateful)?

    I like Bruce - who is far more of an player than his few 80s hits would indicate.

    I did see him play with both pre- and post-Garcia Dead bands, and he fit in seamlessly, like any other charter member.  Never seen him solo, however.

    Some accounts have labelled him a virtuoso; not sure about all that, but the man definitely knows his way around them piano keys.

    Stylistically, I see shades of him in others like Ben Folds and Jamie Cullum.

    Bruce and his band, The Noisemakers are anchoring the New Brunswick Jazz/Blues Fest this year in September.
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