Are playing in London Sunday, can't wait.  They played at the same venue about 12 years ago, shortly after reforming.  A close friend of mine that had worked for Ace of Hearts for a while flew over with Rick Harte for the gig.  My then-girlfriend had lived in Boston for a few years and we were with several other friends that were either from or had lived in Boston.

It was packed, and mostly with young Londoners.  We were standing around catching up when I noticed a guy by the bar.  I said to my gf "Wow, he is the perfect stereotype of a Rock journalist" i.e. greasy hair, glasses, a bit dumpy, tweed jacket, notebook, etc.  

At that exact moment he walked straight up to us and said to me "Hi, I'm a Rock journalist from Boston, can you tell me why there are so many people here to see a band that's just reformed after 20 years?".  I replied "I'm from Boston, he's from Boston, those 3 used to live in Boston, he used to work for Ace of Hearts and that's Rick Harte.".  He said "Oh."