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Christine McVie

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    Christine McVie

    Delighted that Chris McVie has rejoined Fleetwood Mac. As Stevie Nicks said, Ms. McVie "built the group." McVie was in on the ground floor, long before she became an official member, when she was still contributing uncredited piano to FM. It was CM and the late, great Bob Welch who are responsible for the blues band's California sound  - before Buckingham/Nicks joined.

    CM has one of the most beautiful, unique voices in blues and rok alike.

    And, at age 70, she's looking good!

    My favorite CM songs:

    Her version of Danny Kirwan's When You Say

    Her Remember Me

    Heroes are Hard to Find

    Spare me a Little

    Morning Rain

    Bad Loser

    Warm Ways

    You Make Lovin' Fun

    Little Lies

    Nights in Estoril

    And, her charming album cover drawing for Kiln House

    Your thoughts?

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    Re: Christine McVie

    Fantastic voice, one of the best IMO

    'Over My Head' and 'Say You Love Me' are two other favorites of mine.

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    Re: Christine McVie

    There's a great song called "Butter Cookie" that was an unreleased track on the Rumors deluxe edition.  Christine sings lead and plays a wonderful electric piano.

    It's still one of the most heavily played FWM tracks on my ipods/computer.



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    Re: Christine McVie

    I would describe McVie's voice as sublime. My favorite song of hers is "Songbird". Just a perfect song sung beautifully.

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