Drum Lessons

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    Drum Lessons

    How can I play drum like a pro. Play drum is not a big deal, But to be a good drummer you nedd alots of practice. But some of the website also provide me drum lessons, Is it this good website for learning. http://www.icanplaydrums.com/

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    Re: Drum Lessons

    For my money, the best drummer in Boston remains Paul Murphy:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0dIi--fxfk


    I can't play guitar.  If one day someone described me as "a bad guitar player" I'd be pleased.  I don't practice.  But I imagine if I did practice I could eventually become ok.  I have a bass I also can't play.  But I can't imagine ever being able to play the drums....I don't have the spatial skills to do it.

    I saw a band a few years ago who's name escapes me right now with a drummer that blew my mind:  he played drums standing up with his right foot and left hand, played keys with his right hand, and sang all the lead vocals....simultaneously.  Should be in a freak show.