Drum Lessons

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    Drum Lessons

    How can I play drum like a pro. Play drum is not a big deal, But to be a good drummer you nedd alots of practice. But some of the website also provide me drum lessons, Is it this good website for learning. http://www.icanplaydrums.com/

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    Re: Drum Lessons

    In response to GreginMeffa's comment:

    Play drum is not a big deal


    Oh yes it is.  Rhythm is music's atomic level.  F that up and harmony and melody die.  Cool place to start, but you will need observational instruction.  The trick here is, your "internal metronome", your clock.  If thats broken, it just ain't gonna happen.  Like myself trying to teach guitar, or worse, voice, if you're tone deaf.  BAsically, if you can't tune a guitar, you're scrwed.  MAYbe take up piano, and make sure its in tune - but you still will never understand why a C in the melody on top of a C maj 7 chord is gonna sound like sht.

    Rhythm is god.

    Learn on ONE drum.  The RUDIMENTS.  Then it gets hard when you add 2 pedals (kick and high hat).  I teach my guitar students Honkky (can you believe that word is banned?) Tonk Women on the drums (hands on thighs and the floor).  Anyone can do any 2 of the lines, but and the 3rd, and the world falls apart.  Thats the jazz.  Now try complex time . . .


    Wow. All due respect, you are very eloquent here. You really do know about music, and how to communicate it in a post. 

    Wish I had come here before. 

    Maybe others know, but your avatar. What guitar is that?

    ps...you even inspired me to listen to RadioBDC for the 1st time. Have you tried it...if so what do you think?

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    Re: Drum Lessons

    For my money, the best drummer in Boston remains Paul Murphy:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0dIi--fxfk


    I can't play guitar.  If one day someone described me as "a bad guitar player" I'd be pleased.  I don't practice.  But I imagine if I did practice I could eventually become ok.  I have a bass I also can't play.  But I can't imagine ever being able to play the drums....I don't have the spatial skills to do it.

    I saw a band a few years ago who's name escapes me right now with a drummer that blew my mind:  he played drums standing up with his right foot and left hand, played keys with his right hand, and sang all the lead vocals....simultaneously.  Should be in a freak show.