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Drummers: Discuss

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    Drummers: Discuss

    [I'm not a musician so am unable to discuss this in technical terms.]

    There is no instrument that, in isolation, bores me more than drums/percussion.  Total nightmare.  Pigpen boring stoned hippies for 10 minutes while the gang got...stoned..backstage.

    But I think it's impossible for a band to succeed without a competent, at a minimum, drummer. Rubbish vocals?  Jimi, say hi to Bob Zimmerman.  Keys?  FFS, if you're in a Garage band just keep hitting Ds and no one will notice.  Git?  Sure, can add a lot but Johnny Ramone was hardly a virtuoso but timing and accuracy is Occam's Razor.  Bass? Underrated, see drum comment above.

    I think I understand why many people love Moon and Bonham....I don't, for the reason stated above.  Muscular drummers make my eyes roll.

    My favourite drummers?  Nbr 1 with a bullet is Mick Avory....the ultimate complimentary drummer, IMO.  There's a well-known drummer in the Garage scene I love named Bruce Brand.  Widely admired and in great demand.

    Boston Drummers?  I emigrated on 18 December 1989 so I'm not totally up-to-date on the Boston scene.....but I think Paul Murphy and Linda Shore are the top of the tree.




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    Re: Drummers: Discuss

    Joe Strummer once said something like a band is only as good as its drummer, so that's not faint praise.  And I think it's true, especially in rock and, crucially, in jazz. (Topper Headon was no slouch, either.)

    My fave drummers tend to have a decent swing to their beats and are able to keep their fills interesting yet still preserve the backbeat.  

    Charlie Watts is a true artist on the skins...not flashy, but still steady and assertive on their best records.

    Mo Tucker was such a rock for VU.  The first punk drummer, IMO.

    Locally, I always think of Billy Conway of Morphine (and by extension Jerome Dupree) who's really another jazz drummer in a rock band.  When the only instruments are drums, bass and sax, the beat is critical.

    And after seeing The Roots again at Life Is Good this weekend reminded me how good their drummer/bandleader ?uestlove is.  He can do pretty much anything he wants.  His 'solo' at the end of "You Got Me" (with Erykah Badu) is just amazing.  In a hip-pop world of samples and synth beats, he really shines.


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    Re: Drummers: Discuss

    In response to SlimPickensIII's comment:

    Pigpen?  Keyboards.  Mickey and Bill were the two names you were looking for.  There was a time when I enjoyed their solos, which went on alot longer than 10 minutes.   But other than the Allman Brothers, I don't know of anyone who still does extended drum solos anymore.  It's always a good time to run to the bathroom though.

    My favorite local drummer is Billy Beard.  He was in the 80's group Face to Face with Laurie Sargent.  These days he does all the booking at Toad and Lizard,  and sits in with everyone. His bass drum is a suitcase, and he only has a couple of other pieces, but he knows how to use them.

    There was another guy whose name escapes me,  who played with Family Jewels, and the NH band Knife Fight.  His kick drum was an old hat case.   He used to use the wall next to his minimal kit when the spirit moved him.

    I also loved Per Hanson when he played with Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters. 

    I've name dropped my cousin a few times here in the past,  I'll pass on that, sort of this time.  Gotta admit I wasn't a huge fan of his work either though.

    Sheet, I was probably stoned too!

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    Re: Drummers: Discuss

    Music works similar to a fine tuned engine. If one of the parts is bad it tends to detract from the whole, or can even make the whole thing work awful ( or not at all).

    The drums and bass work closely together as the rhythm section ( which I am sure you all know). I also am not overly fond of drum solos, although Ginger Baker played some really good ones.

    As with the thread by HF about guitarists, I could list the favorite drummers and it would be a long list.

    Try to imagine Led Zeppelin's 'Rock And Roll' without the cymbals and drums of John is a very disinctive sound and if you've heard this classic as many times as I have, you can hear it in your mind just by thinking of it.

    ...and the drum roll in Deep Purple's Space Truckin' by the most under-rated of all Rock drummers Ian Paice ( also the only member that has appeared on every DP album).

    Charlie Watts and Ringo were just very good timekeepers, never asked to be flamboyant just keep the backbeat steady...and they were among the best.

    Cozy Powell drummed for Jeff Beck , was Blackmore's drummer in the original Rainbow and drummed on many other Rock albums.

    Singing drummers tend to get noticed more as vocalists as time goes by, but Don Henley and Phil Collins were also good banging the skins.

    Of course , you can't talk Rock drummers without mentioning Neil Peart, Carl Palmer,Mitch Mitchell.

    Some of the lesser known drummers that were essential to the sound of some very successful artists: Bill Bruford (Yes), Mike Shrieve (Santana), Nick Mason (Pink Floyd), Jim Capaldi ( Traffic) and Terry Bozzio (U.K.,Frank Zappa, Jeff Beck, Missing Persons).

    It is ironic that we have a drummers thread today, as I heard 'Wipeout' just a few minutes before going on my lunchbreak...and this is classic drummer material....back when I was in high scholl every kid who thought himself a good drummer had to prove it by playing 'Wipeout' on the school desks or chair backs or cafeteria table, much to the dismay of the teachers. And you certainly would get consideration for detention if playing it at the wrong moment.


    "The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you are still a rat."- Lily Tomlin

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    Re: Drummers: Discuss

    In response to Harvey-Wallbanger's comment:

    I'll tell you what bothers me about drummers: Over excessive use of the cymbals. Like, do you have to hit the crash cymbal on every down beat? Really?

    Mo Tucker never used a crash cymbal, TMK.  She said she found them 'distracting'.


    I was reading recently about Jeff Porcaro - another guy in the shadows - who apparently has played on literally 1000s of sessions...from Steely Dan to Clapton to Pink Floyd to Michael Jackson to his own band, Toto.  Anyone in that much demand is doing something right.  His allmusic list of credits is insane. He also sadly died rather young at 38.


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    Re: Drummers: Discuss

    In response to RogerTaylor's comment:

    I have watched this a few times, a great drum solo IMHO...Carl Palmer

    The light comes on at about the 10 second mark:


    Carl is one of the beastliest of the beastly.  Playing with Keith Emerson and Greg Lake, you had to be really loud and really damn good. 


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    Re: Drummers: Discuss

    Dave Grohl is a pretty good drummer even though he's playing guitar with the Foo Fighters.

    I also think Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers can bang on the drums all day.Besides,Smith looks like Will Ferell as a yahoo article points out.


     Will Ferrell (Brendon Thorne/Getty Images); Chad Smith (Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)



     "Another day closer to the parade"

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