Some songs in pop music are ubiquitous. They are covered by almost every performer and performed in multi-various styles. There is some special something about them that makes everyone want to have a go at them. My choice for favorite ubiquitous song is the immortal "Louie Louie".

With this song, it's probably a shorter list for who didn't cover it than who did. The most well known, notorious version is the crude garage rock rendition recorded by the Kingsmen. From a rather unlikely beginning, this has become an achetypal rock song. Who would have guessed that Richard Berry's somewhat calypso, Jamaican styled song would become a symbol of rock n' roll degeneracy to the point where the FBI was investigating the lyrics for signs of obscenity?

Here are some YouTube links to the origins of the song as well as a few of the different versions that have been recorded.

What's one of your favorites?

Origin of Louie Louie:

The Kingsmen:

The Sonics:

Paul Revere and The Raiders:

The Sandpipers:

Rice University Marching Owl Band:

Iggy Pop:

Toots & the Maytals:


Black Flag:

The Beach Boys:

The Clash:

The Fat Boys (Who give a little history of the song):