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Female Lead Guitarist and Bassist Needed for All-Mom Rock/Pop Band

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    Female Lead Guitarist and Bassist Needed for All-Mom Rock/Pop Band

    We already have our core... now we need a lead guitarist and bassist. We consist of a drummer (and mother of twins), a lead singer and a keyboardist (also mothers). We live in the nearby Boston suburbs, range from 20's to early 40's, and we have a plan to get back into our passion for music as time and lifestyle allow! In every other guise, we are typical suburban mothers. . . perhaps you are, too.

    We hope to gig maybe 1-2 times a month at places like fall/spring local festivals, 5K/10K road races (especially those for women), family-friendly places, etc. Practice 1/x week or possibly 2/x as time allows.

    Our plan is to play covers from the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s--fun, upbeat rock and pop music that people want to hear. Songs like "Heaven is a Place on Earth" by Belinda Carlisle to "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" by Pat Benatar to "Keep on Rockin' in the Free
    World" by Neil Young, etc. We are not trying to be campy or ironic--perhaps people will even forget that we're an all-mom cover band, once they hear what we are capable of.

    There's a similar group of women in Detroit doing what we're planning to do:

    Rehearsal space and time details are being worked out now. We'll figure something out--where there's a will, there's a way. In the meantime, we have enthusiasm for our idea. Hope you do, too! Contact Cheryl:

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