OT thread here.  I've noticed that other forums have OT threads, but for us, it's not as easy.  Why would we want to take a break from discussing music? 

But it's Friday, and it's quiet.  I don't know about you, but IMO, the Boston / MA drivers are crazier in the summer, and they are already out in force.  I'm generally not one to complain, and it's not as though I lose sleep over any of this, but, let's put it this way: the state might as well remove all the STOP signs, because no one heeds them anyhow.  :P

If you're feeling it, voice some of your favorite Boston driving maneuvers and some of the many <sarcasm on> courteous <sarcasm off> moves your fellow drivers make on the road.   

And if you currently live out of MA, do the drivers in your state rival the nasty, rude, inconsiderate, hostile (need I go on?) MA drivers?   

Drive safely and have a nice weekend.  :P