Good quality reissues

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    Good quality reissues

    I love really good quality recordings.  Good engineering is critical.  unfortunately, there have been some really bad reissues, especially in the early years of CDs.  The initial release of Dark Side of the Moon is pretty bad.  There was a really bad reissue of Miles Davis' Kind of Blue (on gold plated CD no less) where it was put on CD at the wrong speed.

    They've gotten much better and they can put out a really good CD when they are focused on the quality of the music over making a buck.

    What are some really good reissues?  I have a copy of Take Five by Dave Brubeck that is truly amazing.  It HDCD and is just plain great.

    I think an anthology by Led Zep that came out a few years ago is really good.  (I was listening to Stairway the other day and was trying to imagine what it would have been like to hear it for the first time when it first came out.  Imagine never having heard Stairway until you play it on your stereo.)  It must have been mind blowing.

    What else?
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    Re: Good quality reissues

    The deluxe version of Who's Next comes to mind (always dig the unreleased tracks, and this has some gems) as does the expanded version of This Year's Model.

    Also, the remastered (and expanded) version of Love's Forever Changes is a vast improvement over the original CD pressing.

    For reissues, Neil Young's solo performance Live At Massey Hall from 1971 is simply amazing, to me a must-own for any Young fan. (includes never released anywhere track "Bad Fog Of Loneliness")  If you can find one with the DVD, then even better.
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    Re: Good quality reissues

    I have "Live at Massey Hall".  What a fascinating recording.  I always wonder about the song, "Old Man". 

    Lucinda Williams does a nice job with her CDs. 

    By the way, Oppo makes a great Blu Ray DVD player.  Plays every format of DVD and CD.  It can read the HDCD aspect part of CDs and the quality of the sound is outstanding.  The sound quality compares favorably to my Rotel HDCD that costs twice as much.