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Goodbye FNX

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    Goodbye FNX

    I knew the radio station was sold.  At first it didn't seem very different but that all changed this week.  It's like an 80s radio station calling itself the Harbor.  It's about as far away from what it was.  So sad. 

    I tend to listed to 6 stations, 2 sports talk, 2 NPR, and 2 Music.  I flipped to 101.7 yesterday and heard a familiar but odd song - kind of like drinking from a cup of coke to discover that it's iced tea.  More of a suprise than anything else.

    But then this morning they were playing something from the Wall.  Not that the Wall is bad, but not what I was expecting from 101.7.  Plus the quality of the music wasn't very good - like the music was on a substandard format. 

    I was hoping they had come up with a way of playing edgy music in a more cost effective way.  But they are playing music that FNX wouldn't have played in the 80s.

    Anyway, I was so upset that I deleted 101.7 from my presets.

    Good Bye Henry.   They should have given you your own morning show with lots of you and your observations and humor and a little less music. 
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    Re: Goodbye FNX

    The last couple of weeks have been alternately great and sad saying goodbye.

    But at least they're still online.

    I think radio is going somewhat like TV, online, with people listening to songs and programs, not whole channels.