Guy( male) songs vs. chick ( female) songs....where do we draw the line?

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    Re: Guy( male) songs vs. chick ( female) songs....where do we draw the line?

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    I think guy and chick songs lie at the extremes of music. And then you find that not even that is true. The more I think about it, the more blurry the line gets. If we limit this to heterosexuals, the line is a wee bit clearer. If not, all hell breaks loose. I'm a guy but I enjoy my disco collections. I like girl groups of the sixties. I also like blues singers like Muddy Waters who sang, "I Just Want to Make Love to You". Now I know for sure he wasn't singing to me. Sometimes we put ourselves in the singers shoes, and sometimes we are being sung to. It's all just in our imaginations. Some guys like mellow folk music and some chicks dig heavy metal. This may or may not define us as guys or chicks. Although I gotta believe that "Mother-In-Law" by Ernie K-Doe is more a favorite of guy son-in-laws than it is of chick mother-in-laws. P.S. I adore my mother-in law.
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    With the mention of heterosexuals in your response, I got to thinking about something I heard years ago.

    A woman came into the establishment where I was working. She was more or less a regular and we had spoken before. Somehow the conversation turned to the Moody Blues, a group she grew up adoring. While at a Moody Blues concert , she noticed that Justin Hayward , the frontman of the group (sort of) appeared to be gesturing sexually towards the guys in the audience. Now, I don't know if this was real or imagined. I don't know if Hayward is homosexual or not...and don't really care. She was bothered by this and she said it destroyed her love for the music as in her mind all those love songs were aimed at men. She would never view this group the same again.

    I am a big fan of Melissa Etheridge and my enjoyment of her music is not fazed on bit by the fact that she is not heterosexual. I don't know if you can place yourself in a position where because the singer is not the same preferance as you , the music is no longer meant for you. I never had a problem with David Bowie's music either.

    But although certain songs are "masculine" in lyric and by aggressive beat and rhythms , I can't say for sure any song is "meant" for one gender only, just that it is probably written with one gender in mind. I think most of the early Hard Rock and Heavy Metal was written by men, preformed by men, and meant for adolescent males. This was their main audience, their main source of income. I think now in the 2000's that has swung in another direction, I believe that much, much more of popular music is being directed at young girls....have they become the major audience for music in this decade? Look at the American Music Awards and tell me as a male whether these winners appeal to you: Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga....or if you are a female are these appealing to you? or (if you have any) your daughter(s)?
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    Re: Guy( male) songs vs. chick ( female) songs....where do we draw the line?

    In Response to Re: Guy( male) songs vs. chick ( female) songs....where do we draw the line?:
    Guy songs Welcome to the Jungle Almost anything by Metillca Almost all Heavy Metal is guy stuff, although many a women likes AC/DC. You will find very few women that dig Motorhead. Chick music Lady Gaga Celine Dion Cher Almost all disco and tech music is very women based, ( and  few Guys but we wont get into that ). Now what I like about this thread is music by an artist that is sometimes what you would say is guy music and sometimes chick music. Rod Stewart is a great starting point. If you go back the Rod's Face's days that is guy music for the most part, yes he had maggie may but on the whole its more guy stuff. Later Rod becomes a disco guy and his music flips to mostly women liking it... This is what happens when the stones steal ron wood from you.
    Posted by shumirules

    I actually think the opposite tends to be true. Chicks usually gravitate to music with male vocalists.