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Harry Nilsson

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    Re: Harry Nilsson

    That's a fantastic DVD, just saw it a few weeks ago. Nilsson had such an amzaming voice.
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    Re: Harry Nilsson

    Singer and songwriter.  My favorite songs of his are "Everybody's Talkin"  (Midnight Cowboy movie) and "One" ( '... is the loneliest number ..... One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do'.) 
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    Re: Harry Nilsson

    too funny, i was jsut telling someone (well asking them if they remembered) about the song me and my arrow
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    Re: Harry Nilsson

    Nilsson had lots of great songs.  You hear them pop up in movies all the time. He's one where my favorite of his can change from day to day.  I'm especially fond of "The Ambush" from the Son of Schmilsson album.

    It's weird.  Even his kids called him "Schmilsson." 

    If you watch the film, you may find you know someone like him.  I sure do.  To paraphrase one of the comments in the movie, Harry was the kind of guy that if he showed up at your door, forget whatever plans you had for the next few days.

    A complex guy.  A great musician. 
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    Re: Harry Nilsson

    In Response to Harry Nilsson:
    There is a great rockumentary that has finally been released on DVD.  If you are looking for the perfect gift for a music lover, this is it: His life was fascinating in ways you can't even imagine.  It seems every musician in the world interacted with Harry in some way or another and his tragic death led to a - well - let's just say memorable funeral. Anyone else seen this yet?
    Posted by schmangell

    Just saw this thread. I'll have to find that DVD. I became a huge fan of his back around '89, '90 when I was in college. I went through a period where I was listening to a few singer-songwriters from the 1970s, specifically Nilsson, Chapin, Croce and Cat Stevens.