I heard the song 'Ohio' by Neil Young and was compelled to buy and read the book 'Kent State.' As a young kid I really liked the song , soon found out it was based on a real life tragedy and I had to know all about it.

I recall hearing the song 'Biko' by Peter Gabriel and I knew this was not fantasy , it was about a real man. I found a novel about the events which made Stephen Biko a martyr in his country. Incredible story.

'Roads to Moscow' by Al Stewart sparked a new curiosity about the commander of the German Panzer Division , General Heinz Guderian. He is the first to develop the concept of the "blitzkrieg" , a term we hear often in reference to attack whether in chess, football or war.

The song by Graham Nash-'Chicago' also was written about a real life event , the 1968 Democratic convention, the protests and the ensuing riot....I've not read an entire book about it, but the song lyrics made me want to know more...a very sad chapter in U.S. history.

Because of Charles Manson and his family , with the fascination over the Beatles songs and lyrics, I was forced to read 'Helter Skelter' an excellent account of the horrible crimes of Manson and his cult.

I was a young boy in the late sixties, virtually oblivious to many of the sad events of the time period. I was more interested in Mad Magazine, comic books and baseball cards than watching the evening news ( not unusual at 10 years old). I learned about many events in recent history through listening to Rock music.

And my parents thought it was ruining my ears and rotting my brain....wouldn't they be surprised that I was learning about history?

Do you recall any music that has inspired you to learn more about events, current or historical?