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    I started listening to old Herbie Hancock stuff and I think that he's just amazing.  I've had "Takin' off" and "Maiden Voyage" for a long time and thought they were good.  And I have the CD set of the complete Columbia years for the Miles Davis Quintet and thought that was great. But I recently picked up "Empyrean Isles" which is just magical.  I heard a cut from Miles Davis at the 1963 Monterey Jazz festival and went out and bought the CD.  Herbie is crazy on that CD.  He is just amazing.  The pace of him hitting notes is wild.  And to think that the group had just started playing together is nuts. The 1963 Monterey Jazz CD is great.  The quality of the recording is exceptional.  I prefer live recordings to studio recordings because the live recordings have so much more energy than the studio recordings.  The Monterey CD is no exception.  Those guys were playing their azzes off.  Tony Williams was only around 17 years old at the time of the show and he's smoking.  To play that well and with so much confidence at such a young age and with an established talent like Miles Davis is incredible.
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    Herbie is probably my favorite living jazz piano player, and I've been following his music for years. I also own the Miles Davis Columbia years boxed set, which has been in regular rotation for the past dozen years at least. While there are many amazing jazz pianists, Bill Evans and Oscar Peterson are the only other two that I listen two on a regular basis. I still think Kind of Blue is the best jazz recording ever, and it was Herbie who replaced Bill Evans (and Chick Corea) in Miles' "second great quintet", of which, as you mention Tony Williams was a mere 17 years old. He's done so much great stuff, of which Headhunters and VSOP Live are my favorites, and did an album called "The New Standard" in 95 that included covers of "All Apologies" (Nirvana), Norwegian Wood, "You've got it bad, girl" (Stevie Wonder) and several other classics. This was his 30th record. I think Maiden Voyage and Empyrean Isles were the first ones I got, and they are timeless recordings. Hard to believe that "Rockit" was almost 30 years ago. Probably my favorite video of all time from MTV, and it was that exposure that turned the pop music world on it's ear, at least IMHO.

    Nice to know there are others on this board who appreciate jazz as much as I do. Go seem him live...he shows no signs of slowing down.
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