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    Now you can experience Real flying with ProFlightSimulator-The Most Realistic Flight Sim EVER CREATED..

    120+ aircraft to master,from the 1903 wright flyer to the latest military Fighter Jets..

    20.000 real Airports
    NASA Flight models
    Realistic Worldwide Terrain Based on US DEFENSE MAPPING AGENCY
    Used on Television episodes & Proffesional Flight Schools-the most realistic Flight Sim To Date..


    Supervised video games are allowing for better corporate training, leading to a
    better prepared and more productive workforce.

    Technologies developed for pc.-consol-. games, have been adapted in the fields of
    education and advertising to provide innovative solutions that would have
    otherwise been unaffordable.

    !!The entertainment software industry employs large numbers of highly
    educated engineers and computer scientists, and these workers are well compensated for the
    human capital they possess.!!

    Clearly, the entertainment software industry is not just about “fun and games.” It is a
    serious business that improves training, efficiency, and productivity in a variety of industries and
    has led to innovation in other high-technology industries. Videogames play an important role in
    maintaining U.S. leadership in information technology, which is critical to the future success of
    the U.S. economy.

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