If you have any interest, you might want to check out this documentary, which is debuting tonight, if it's on your PBS affiliate (as is the standard on PBS, it will be repeated at various times / and channels).   

The article and interview are available on a url that you won't be able to access, so I won't post it.  Here are a few highlights, that should suffice, FYI:

“Inventing David Geffen,” a new installment of PBS’s “American Masters” series, is an effort to show just exactly how influential Geffen’s ability to enjoy and recognize talent has been.

To list just a few of the people who submitted to interviews for this documentary is to hint at the scope of his cultural imprint: Tom Hanks, Cher, Neil Young, Steven Spielberg, Rahm Emanuel, Elton John, Joni Mitchell, Mike Nichols, David Crosby, Jackson Brown, Nora Ephron, Tim Burton, Steve Martin, Clive Davis, Jann Wenner, Robbie Robertson, and Yoko Ono. Now 69, Geffen has enabled the work of some of the most essential artists of the past five decades, as he worked his way up from the William Morris Agency mailroom to become a multi-billionaire entertainment mogul."


Inventing David Geffen” provides a few highlights of Geffen’s personal life, most notably his unlikely 18-month relationship with Cher in the mid-1970s. He’d gotten out of serving in the military by admitting his homosexual tendencies, and, in her interview, Cher indicates that she knew he was gay when she met him. And yet they were together until she hooked up with Greg Allman, a breakup that landed Geffen in daily therapy for three years. 


The most engaging portion of “Inventing David Geffen” is the first hour, which focuses on his work with the classic folk-rock and confessional singer-songwriters of the 1970s. In those days, Geffen was “stoking the star-maker machinery,” as Joni Mitchell put it, in order to save his favorite artists from getting their own hands dirty."