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iPod shuffle

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    iPod shuffle

    Just for kicks and grins, put your iPod on shuffle and see what 10 songs you get. Be honest, don't skip something you don't like all that much. (Then again, if you didn't like it, why would it be there?).

    Here I go ...

    1. Counting Crows, "Time and Time Again."

    2. Van Halen, "Eruption."

    3. The Clash, "Four Horsemen."

    4. Bruce Springsteen, "Candy's Room."

    5. Pixies, "U-Mass."

    6. Band of Horses, "Laredo."

    7. Ray LaMontagne, "This Love Is Over."

    8. Dinosaur Jr., "What Else Is New"

    9. Buffalo Tom, "Souvenir."

    10. Talking Heads, "Once In A Lifetime."



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    Re: iPod shuffle



    1. Bon Iver - Michicant

    2. The Feelies - Higher ground

    3. R.E.M - Sitting Still

    4. The Clash - Bankrobber

    5. The Smiths - Meat is Murder

    6. The Oblivians - She's a Hole

    7. The National - Mistaken for Strangers

    8. Fu*#ed Up - The Other Shoe

    9. Squeeze - Messed Around

    10. The Buzzcocks - Boredom

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    Re: iPod shuffle


    TV On The Radio - Wolf Like Me

    Ben Harper - Better Way (live)

    Neil Young - World On A String

    Richie Havens - Tombstone Blues (dylan cover)

    Kings Of Leon - On Call

    Eric Burdon and The Animals - San Franciscan Nights

    Morphine - Come Along (live)

    Garbage - Queer

    Buffalo Tom - Crawl 

    PJ Harvey - One Time Too Many

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    Re: iPod shuffle

    AC/DC - Sin City

    James Brown - Popcorn

    Steely Dan - Monkey in your Soul

    Peter Gabriel - On the Air (Live)

    Van Halen - Jump

    Saw Doctors - N17

    Gladys Knight & the Pips - Midnight Train to Georgia

    Ultravox - vienna

    Paul McCartney & Wings - Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey

    The Rolling Stones - Sway

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    Re: iPod shuffle

    Accidental irony ahead ...

    10.  The Who - The Punk Meets the Godfather

    9.  Coldplay - X&Y

    8.  The Doors - Hello I Love You

    7.  Elton John - Country Comfort

    6.  Debbie Harry - Rush Rush

    5.  Frank Sinatra - I've Got You Under My Skin

    4.  KT Tunstall - Hold On

    3.  Bryan Adams & Tina Turner - It's Only Love

    2.  Radiohead - No Surprises

    1.  Aqua - Barbie Girl