Where to begin?   (NOTE: this is the reason I created the other thread on the Keith Jarrett / Steely Dan issue.   We rarely discuss jazz musicians, and I couldn't help but isolate it, because it was so relevant to our other recent discussions).  

I recently saw a review of Keith Jarrett's latest album.  The album is the first-time release, in CD format, of music that was actually recorded back in 1976, and is completely improvised music, played on an 18th century organ, located at the Benedictine abbey in Ottobeuren, Bavaria.    So ... what do you think?!  Oh, and it's somewhat truncated from a prior release on vinyl, so that has some Jarrett lovers in a bit of a snit.  :)   I read a comment by someone who owns the album on vinyl, who had bought it used who said, "I can't believe some moron wanted to get rid of this album."   :)

The reviewer stated that Jarrett's piano improvisations resulted (and still result in) an "unclassifiable genre of music" and that this new collection is just as riveting and "spellbinding" as any piano improv, and that, "at times, it sounds almost electronic."

I own exactly one Keith Jarrett album.   Totally minimalist piano.  "Sacred Hymns of G. I. Gurdjieff", a series of piano pieces, varying in length (the only thing that bothers me about the album is that some of the pieces are just TOO short), and while it's a long story how I ever ended up with this album, I do love it.    

When you read about Keith Jarrett, it is like reading about a religion, or maybe, a religious leader of some sort.  :)   Seriously, he's a musical prodigy, scary innovative, whose connected into the jazz world, classical, popular ... he has no boundaries or limits.  I have listened recently to some of his more low-key jazz pieces, and I was left thinking, "what am I waiting for?"  -- why haven't I made more of an effort to collect some of Jarrett's music.

Thoughts?   Any fans?   Any experience with Jarrett's music?