Life is Good taking a pause ... :(

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    Life is Good taking a pause ... :(

    After checking their website for many weeks (and also waiting in anticipation of the banner that usually appears on BDC), I finally saw the announcement that the Life is Good Festival is taking a "pause" in 2014, after 4 successful years.  Why take a pause on success?

    A truly local music festival, that had a charitable component (LIG donated part of the proceeds to children's outreach programs), and was kid/family friendly, is now more than likely, gone.  Too bad, really, because they had a nice concept, perfectly executed all the times I have attended, with the nicest "vibes" you could ever ask for; it was a nice way to say so long to summer, and usher in the fall, as it took place in September.

    So that's all I got.  We've discussed festivals many times, I have no other comments other than disappointment.   The website also said that they would have other "events" taking place around the region (it seems they got requests to hold events elsewhere), but the festival cannot be compensated for or replaced by other events.  It was one of a kind.  Now gone. 

    Good thing I bought the tee shirt.  :D

    "Darling, he's still dangerous."

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    Re: Life is Good taking a pause ... :(

    In response to DougIrwin's comment:

    That is too bad. I wonder if it's a funding problem?  They had some nice lineups in recent years.


    Thanks.  Yeah, it felt like a sucker punch to my gut, even though I was getting very suspicious as to when they would put tix on sale and announce a lineup.  As the weeks flew by, the silence was beginning to speak for itself.   Last year's lineup wasn't their best (one day was far superior to the other); it fell a bit short after the previous year when Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds were the headliners (amazing -- not the DMB, just Matthews and Reynolds who is a virtuoso guitar player  -- totally sold out well in advance).    

    The first thing that comes to mind is a $$$ problem, but they tried to put a positive spin on it,  of course.    They did an "event" in March,  apparently, but it was very small and in no way comparable to the festival.  

    As we've discussed, the smaller, regional festivals will survive as long as they have the $$$, but you just can't take anything for granted; they come and go.    Sorry to see this one go. 

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    Re: Life is Good taking a pause ... :(

    In response to DougIrwin's comment:

    I noticed that Live Nation (Clear Channel AKA The Devil) has made an aggressive comeback booking more and more shows this year in particular at the smaller/mid sized outdoor ampitheaters, which may have something to do with it.

    I noticed it down here where there are two nice small/mid size ampitheaters within 20 minutes of one another, but all the more high profile bands are booked at the crappier venue, which just so happens to be controlled by Live Nation.

    ^That is why I, and likely anyone who cares about music, did not want that merger between Clear Channel and Ticketmaster to go through. It would make it easier for them to manuever.  So Clear Channel's division of promotional bookings and ownership of the bigger ampitheaters made a slight name change and then merged with Ticketmaster to try to confuse things. 

    They can guarantee more money up front to the artist.  It's a clear cut answer as to why the much better venues that hold similar capacities, end up losing out.  They can't compete.

    If people are spending money on those acts on their own/not at festivals, with them on their own headlining tours, it squeezes out these kinds of smaller/mid tier festivals

    Life Is Good is one of those that needs a regular set of acts that come every year to keep it going and if they don't get that, it can be enough to shut it down.

    Maybe they just need a better booking agent? I don't know, it's very likely money which it always is.

    I would not be surprised if there's a "corporate" reason for this, but LIG is very protective of their "brand", I imagine, so there isn't going to be any "big reveal" as to why they cancelled.  For all  I know, the farm space where they usually have the festival decided to charge them more $$$ to use the field, and they couldn't afford it.  It could be anything.   

    They did have some repeat acts at the festival, esp. early in the day for kids.  But the headliners were distinctive, and for a home-grown festival, they were astoundingly good.  

    I agree that Clear Channel is the devil (haha), for sure.  It's another scheme to make everything generic, and be controlled for the lowest common denominator of taste.   In fact, a radio station here that was pretty decent changed OVERNIGHT to a country station -- I thought I was on the wrong band, or was hearing things -- and then I heard that it was the brainchild of Clear Channel.   ugh. 

    I did have a thread on the bubble bursting on festivals, and you make a good point that if the corporate types can get artists to perform for way more $$$, at another type of venue, for a single concert, you cannot fault those artists for doing so.