Paul's amazing.   Looks like he gave a memorable 3-hour show, back at the site where the Beatles played their last concert in 1966.   Despite traffic that made some fans late, a great time was had by all.



Candlestick Park ended its life fittingly on Thursday evening, with a sold-out concert and traffic backups both before and after the show.

Paul McCartney and his four-man band played for three straight hours, including two encores, ending his performance close to midnight.

For McCartney, it was a long and winding road, leading him back to the stadium where the Beatles played their last concert in 1966.

"I was seventeen and went to the concert with my boyfriend," Peggy Speer told KTVU, remembering that show, where tickets topped out at $6.50.

"Everything I've ever done in my memory has a Beatles sound track, there's a song for everything!" Speer exclaimed.

Another fan who was nine-years-old at the long-ago show remembered her teenager sisters falling apart.

"They screamed like crazy', recalled Moniique Mandin,"and then they cried for three days after the concert, in their bedroom wailing 'Paul' and 'George, it was obnoxious!"

At 72, McCartney shows no sign of slowing down; his "Out There" tour keeps him onstage for three full hours, playing almost 40 songs from the Beatles, Wings, and his solo career.

Almost 50,000 fans filled Candlestick, and songs such as "Yesterday" had special poignancy, given the stadium's impending destruction. The site is to be developed into a one million square foot development of homes and offices.

"It's heartbreaking that it's gonna be gone, I've grown up here," Patricia Uribe told KTVU, clutching blankets for warmth as she headed in to the show.

Uribe is among those who would be at "the Stick" for it's final event, no matter who was playing.

"It's a beautiful park and I love it, " she added, "I'm going to miss it, all the cold, the seagulls, everything. "

For many fans, nostalgia for the aging stadium and the iconic rocker combined to make the perfect evening.

"I just want to hear 'Long and Winding Road,'" fan Leo Herrera told KTVU, choking up a bit, "It always gets to me. I warned everybody that I came with, I'm going to be in tears all night, so just be ready for it."


"Darling, he's still dangerous."