This isn't a station that I listen to, but I saw another announcement on the downgrade of a local radio outlet, and thought it was relevant to all of our discussions, so here it is: apparently, WODS, a station that featured oldies, and which is CBS-owned (so you know what's coming), will be switching over to "contemporary pop"  (don't you love that?) and of course, ditching all of the current on-air staff, replacing all of them.  I wasn't aware of this, but WODS has gone through a multitude of changes since its inception over 50 years ago, so it's been a long haul.    

The station will now be called AMP.   They'll apparently still live-stream their older format and it's also available on HD-radio.  

Many of you probably also read last week that WGBH has down-graded it's Jazz programming relegating "Eric in the Evening" to weekends only (not sure what time) and also cancelling the jazz program that was on Friday evenings.   I read a very insightful blog posting on this (on BDC) and of course, it's the sponsors and media pressure that causes these changes.   The jazz programming isn't relevant any longer, apparently.  Nothing on WGBH is relevant, as a matter of fact.   :P