Movies About Music......Coming Soooooon!

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    Movies About Music......Coming Soooooon!

    Went to Hulu and watched some trailers of some up coming movies about music/music industry/artists.  Here's some info:

    Sample This

    Stevie Nicks: In Your Dreams

    Last Fast Ride: The Life, Love and Death of a Punk Goddess

    AKA Doc Promus...a must see for me!

    Watch Every Everything


    Muscle Shoals..........gotta see

    Inside Llewyn Davis..........a Coen Brothers movie....nuff said!

    and for any Beatles fan!!!!

    Good Ol' Freda

    Enjoy! Let us know if you see any of them...


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    Re: Movies About Music......Coming Soooooon!

    Thanks for the heads up Roger. The Doc Pomus and Muscle Shoals movies are my kind too with my kind of music. And I'm a Coen Brothers fan. Looks like some good stuff.  

    "Hold it fellows, that don't move me. Let's get real, real gone for a change."

    -Elvis Presley

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    Re: Movies About Music......Coming Soooooon!

    Thanks for sharing.  

    I've only seen clips for CBGB and ILD - both of which are intriguing for the music alone.


    Aside from documentaries, I think there are many original stories that need to be told on screen with some flair, i.e. 24 Hour Party People, I'm Not There, Velvet Goldmine, etc.


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    Re: Movies About Music......Coming Soooooon!

    Other than documentaries, impossible, IMO.  Even "cool" Indie films can't/won't show the crazy, nasty detail....which is essential to such a story.  I'm open to be convinced, but the little ginger guy from the Hoary Poota film series doesn't strike me as...aarrghh, I'm gonna be sick...

    My favourite 3 music "films" in no specific order:

    • "We Jam Econo" - the story of the Minutemen.....really the story of rock'n'roll
    • "Spinal Tap" - My favourite film ever, a brilliant satire, but loving too and they wrote all their - mostly excellent - songs (unlike Mud-Donna and most of her song-credit buying ilk) themselves.
    • "Pardon Us For Living, But The Graveyard Is Full".  Like Rock'n'Roll?  I don't care.  Like the Fleshtones?  I don't care.  Nor do the Fleshtones.  There has never been a band like the Fleshtones, there is no band like the Fleshtones, and I don't think there will ever be another band like the Fleshtones.  To me, the Fleshtones' music is around my top 15 or so bands.....maybe a bit higher as their last few records, after 35 years of constant recording, are probably my favourites. No 5h1t.

    But their passion, their attitude, their love of music and their mates and much more is number 1 with a bullet....

    Please at least start watching this:


    I have no dog in this fight.....