New Petty/HB Album

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    New Petty/HB Album

    His last good one was under the Mudcrutch moniker in 2007, and that was actually very good, IMO. Mojo from 2010 is up there with one his worst like Let Me Up I've Had Enough from '87.  Just terrible for his level of output.  It's been a while for someone who had usually been dropping a new one every 3 years or so.

    This new one coming out in July has me very intrigued, mostly from the idea the songs have been coming for a while (since 2011) and the snippets he's unveiled over on You Tube with a promo video. It sounds pretty diverse in terms of personality, but also interesting enough to be a possible classic from he and and the band.

    What's more is, the Wildflowers lost tracks he's releasing as well, which has me giddy. That's their best album for me, and now 20 years later, after one of the best years for albums released in the history of music, he has 10 tracks or so that are worthy of releasing on top of the 15 great ones from those sessions where the reality of his divorce was underway?  That's hard to believe considering how classic the Wildflowers album was and is.

    I cannot wait to hear both.  It's been a while since he released anything, but I don't mind waiting if what he's had buried is going to be as good as I think it is going to be.

    Now if he'd only properly re-release Full Moon Fever, Into the Great Wide Open and Wildflowers, all on heavy vinyl like he offered up with the Mudcrutch album.

    The tour kicks off this summer, with Winwood opening the shows again. One is at Fenway.  Great bill.



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    Re: New Petty/HB Album

    You folks who have been in this for the long haul (and at this point, I guess that's all of you) have heard me say this before, but if Barbara Eden showed up in my living room tomorrow and said I could be any rock star I wanted to be . . .  I would be Tom Petty. It's pretty rare to be able to point to a guy who has been with you -- pretty much intact -- since  you first realized that there was more to this rock 'n roll thing than Don't Worry Baby (as cool as that is), but if there is such a guy, Tom Petty is him for me.

    I had some things to say about "complacency" in the Comfort Zone thread, so I'll probably get blasted for using the word "reliable," here . . . .

    But there it is.

    I just think it's cool to be able to get excited -- even after all these years -- the way the OP clearly is here.

    I mean . . .   isn't that what music is supposed to do?

    Or have I been missing the point?

    Maybe all these guys we love so much to hear are just doing it so we can have intellectual discussions about it.


    Ya' think?





    Now you listen here! He's not the Messiah . . .   he's a very naughty boy!

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    Re: New Petty/HB Album

    And I am usually very skeptical with new releases, especially of legendary artists who already had their peak eras, as well as being giddy in fear of disappointment.  But yeah, music gets me giddy. Good music. Real music.

    I just had some friends watch the Petty doc recently and they were blown away. It's easily the best one I've seen and I like many of them out there.

    Petty has never sold out, never embarrassed himself, ran onto the scene with two digits in the air at the corporate infrastructure, gained the respect of contemporaries and legends alike, and finally somehow managed to do the impossible which was tweak his sound and still write great songs. That is something that really no one has ever done. Not Dylan, not Neil Young, not anyone. Petty never had this long, dry spell searching for material.

    It's quite amazing actually. I would say his post divorce run from 2000-2006 was a bit dry, but not awful. 2010 until now, He's been very quiet off that bad Mojo album, but I have feeling on this new one. The Wildflowers holdovers is just a bonus.