If you're interested in a music industry documentary and haven't seen it, you may want to check out "Oil City Confidential", which is the third and last film in a trilogy, on the British music of the 1970s, directed by Julien Temple.   It's the story (the rise and fall) of Dr. Feelgood.  

"It is a prequel to his landmark films about punk figureheads the Sex Pistols in "The Filth & The Fury" and Joe Strummer in "The Future Is Unwritten." Oil City Confidential is a film noir feature length documentary about Dr. Feelgood; it's the story of four men in cheap suits who crashed out of Canvey Island in the early '70s, sandpapered the face of rock'n'roll and left all that came before a burnt-out ruin, four estuarine John-the-Baptists to Johnny Rotten's anti-Christ. Cannibalizing the visual flotsam and jetsam of our society, welding into an emotionally engaging and humorous whole, "Oil City Confidential" sets out to explore this unique time, place and social landscape - all of which was responsible for shaping the identity of the band and which, more than any other, defined the strange cultural vacuum which existed before the coming of punk rock."

If you grew up with the Clash, Stranglers, Pistols et al and thought their sound simply emerged from nowhere then think again. The Feelgoods pointed the way and all else followed. They are the missing link between Blues, RnB (the real stuff) and punk. Totally unique, a one off, much like this wonderful, quirky film.

The film was released in 2010.




"Darling, he's still dangerous."