They've disappointed you enough times to say enough is enough.  Perhaps there's nothing wrong with their music, but over time, you feel like you're being fed a baby formula.   There's just no good reason you can arrive at to ever buy another one of their tunes.   

They may have been one of your favorite bands at one time.  They may have just been on your radar a short time, you might only own one LP.  And that's going to be the ONLY one you EVER own, you know what I mean?  

No matter what, when or why -- you're done.   Not one red cent will be spent on them ever again.   You don't necessarily despise them now (although you might), but there's no love, and no "like" buttons being pushed by you.  

So -- have you written off, or handed any recording artist your "pink slip" ?  Or are you getting one ready?