One Fund Boston benefit concert to air on June 29th

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    One Fund Boston benefit concert to air on June 29th

    Of course, this announcement is being met with the usual barrage of negative and sarcastic comments on BDC.   Nothing new.   We all aired our grievances as to the treatment of the concert by network TV, but that's water under the bridge by now -- or at least it should be. 

    It's going to be aired sans commercials on WCVB on June 29th.   Your choice to watch or not.   Darn nice gesture if you ask me.  


    "Three weeks after the Boston Strong benefit united some of the region’s biggest names in music and comedy -- from Aerosmith and New Kids on the Block to James Taylor and Dane Cook -- Live Nation New England and TD Garden have announced the event will be televised on June 29 on WCVB Channel 5, from 7 to 11 p.m. without commercials. That’s particularly good news for those who got shut out of the performance, which sold out in five minutes. A live stream was partly marred by technical difficulties.

    “WCVB Channel 5 has donated all of prime time to the broadcast and John Hancock Financial has underwritten the expenses associated with preparing the show such that all proceeds will be donated to the One Fund Boston,” read this afternoon’s press release.

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