One Trick Ponies

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    Have to dissent on Chicago.  Their first two albums were epic heaps of jazz-rock-funk with outstanding hooks and solid musical chops.  Yes, they fell off precipitiously afterwards into the yacht rock-70s pop wasteland and were never quite the same despite multi-multi-platinum success.  But there were definite reasons why they sold so well and lasted so long: skilled songcraft that appealed to millions.  I mean, look at Abba, who's sold a gazillion records worldwide...I'm no big fan, but I can appreciate that the band was working at a very high level of craft. As for Asia - same's much easier to cast aspersions than it is to really listen and understand what made them popular, if only for a short while.  I don't think anyone would argue that Asia was better than ELP even at their best
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    Well said. Chicago's first two albums, especially "Chicago Transit Authority," were outstanding. "Beginnings, Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is, and Questions 67/68, were a great mix of different musical styles be it Jazz, Latin, R&R. The horns, and percussions sounded great, and new. They did go severely off course later, but I still enjoy their early stuff.
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    It's going to sound like sacrilege to some, but the Rolling Stones are on my list.  That first 10 or 12 years they were great.  But they've been doing an AC/DC,  making the same record over and over, for the last 30.