Opposites...just for fun.

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    Opposites...just for fun.

    List a song title you know and list a song title that seems to be the opposite (whether it really is or not doesn't matter).

    My entries ( and examples):

    Bob Dylan- Knockin' On Heaven's Door /opp. Alice Cooper-Go To Hell

    Cream- I'm So Glad/opp. Beatles -I'm Down

    Rolling Stones- She's So Cold/opp, same- She Was Hot

    Led Zeppelin- Stairway To Heaven/ opp. AC/DC- Highway To Hell

    David Bowie-Big Brother/ opp. Elvis Presley- Little Sister...Laughing

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    Re: Opposites...just for fun.

    Born to Be Alive - Patrick Hernandez (disco song from 1979)

    Killed by Death - Motorhead


    She's A Lady - Tom Jones

    B*tch - Meredith Brooks