Raylene Rankin, treasured singer from Cape Breton and a member of the group, the Rankin Family, died last week of cancer.  

I originally learned about the Rankin Family by listening to A Celtic Sojourn, with the quintessential Irish music (and lore) expert, and host of the show, Brian O'Donovan.  O'Donovan has played the music of the Rankins for many years, and that was how I came to know a bit about their music.  

The Rankin Family is from Nova Scotia and sing in the Celtic tradition.   They've had a career as a group, as well as individual family members taking on solo careers and projects.  Sadly, they have suffered other losses in their family of 12 siblings over the years.

"Fare Thee Well Love" is the song O'Donovan played last week, prior to delivering the sad news about Raylene's death, an especially breathtaking and evocative song: