I just read this article on Yahoo.com and thought I'd share it with you.It's an interview with Mick and Keith talking about the album "Some Girls",punk,disco and other subjects.They're re-releasing Some Girls as a 2 CD set and a 7"inch vinyl single.One of the CD's is all unreleased music from 1978 including some of their own music and some remakes like Freddie "Boom-Boom" Cannon's "Tallahasse Lassie" and Hank Williams "You win again".The 7" single is a song called "Spare Parts" which is a song they wrote and recorded around 1978.You can listen to the song "Spare Parts" at the link I'm providing.I thought it was a good song,very country-westernish in the style of "Far away eyes" and "Love in vain".
  I f anyone wants to read the article or listen to the song,here's the link: