I was a huge fan for the first 8-10 years of their career.  I lost interest at that point but while their music didn't do it for me anymore I still thought it was of a very high standard and they also seemed to me to be very good and respectable people.  And I loved them for stopping when I didn't think they needed to musically, very cool.  So I'm not picking on them.

For many years I have often thought that there are many talented musicians out there that have chosen to create music they love in genres that are unlikely to generate great fame or wealth (Folk, Punk, Surf, Rockabilly, Garage, many more) and I love them for that.  There are a few obvious exceptions that IMO prove the rule.

I'm not suggesting that Jello Biafra could have out-Michael Jacksoned Michael Jackson, or Deke Dickerson could have been the HWA (Hillbilly With Attitude), but.....

One example:  "For The Singer Of REM" by fIREHOSE:


Here's a version of tradition you can put in your drawer
In the desk where next to your chair's the handle to your door
Dismantle the door handle, put the parts into your desk drawer
Say some words then make a sign, now open up the drawer:
The drawer can't tell you more
Than to deal with the door

Now you object to objects actually meaning more
Than some pathetic, lame aesthetic stolling rone is famous for
Push the drawer closed, grab a firehose, point it at the door
Get it all wet, remember, forget what rock & roll is for
The drawer can't tell you more
Than to deal with the door

Now you're fishing for a mission way beyond the door
First you dream, next you're scheming, searching through your drawer
For an oar for your trip bound for yet uncharted shores
Over-reaching, find me spieling, cataloging doors
The door's a symbol for
These objects in your drawer