So, you listen to the same album every day, do you?   

The following isn't to editorialize whether that practice makes you, me or anyone else a creature of habit, or a little crazy, or yet, in a more favorable light, a low maintenance person who doesn't need much to make him / her happy; maybe we're just people who connect to an album in a way that makes listening to it a breath of fresh air.  Yeah, that's it.  

It's not the only music that's on the roster for any given day, by any means, but it's there, like your daily vitamin.  

I got the latest Keane LP back in mid-May, approx. two months ago.  I've listened to it daily, with the exception of a day or two.  I am finally slowing down, but I can say with absolute honesty, I listened to that sucker, "Strangeland", for well over a month and a half (let's say 45 days) straight, and continue to listen to it nearly as much (as I said, I've tapered off).  

What LP has become a ritual for you?  Or was a ritual when it was new?   How many consecutive days / months did you play it?    NOTE: This is far from the first time I've done this (by a LONG shot  -- this practice is my wont); this is just the most recent example.   

No judgement here.  You've done this, haven't you?