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Richie Havens R.I.P.

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    Richie Havens R.I.P.

    Sad to hear of the passing of Richie Havens, one of the most dynamic, interesting performers at Woodstock and a great example of what I refer to as a 'musical stylist' with a big heart and a deep soul.

    He really sounded like nobody but himself but had the energy and drive to make other artists songs all his own.  For me, his renderings of "Here Comes The Sun", "Just Like A Woman" and "Tombstone Blues" are definitive covers, and there were so many more.

    His partially improvised "Freedom" at Woodstock is well-known and rightfully so.  A powerful message at a distinctly powerful moment for a generation.  It just never gets old for me.  I have a few bootlegs of his concerts (including his full set at Woodstock) and his magnetism on stage was undeniable.  As he once said, 'all music is folk music'.

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    Re: Richie Havens R.I.P.

    WERS FM has a weekly tribute to artists called Throwback Thursday.

    Today's featured artist is Richie Havens.   Tune in later today, if you are able and have access;  I am sure they will celebrate Richie Havens' music in style.  

    Here's the writeup:


    Throwback Thursday: Richie Havens

    For this week’s Throwback Thursday we are playing a set of Richie Havens in remembrance of his life and career.

    Richie Havens was an American folk rock guitarist, songwriter, and activist born in Brooklyn in 1941. Havens left Brooklyn at age 20, released his first two albums for Douglas Records and went on to sign with Albert Grossman, Bob Dylan’s manager. By 1969, Havens had released five more albums, two of which made it to the Billboard charts.

    Richie Havens had his big break and was shot into center stage in 1969 when he performed as the opening act at Woodstock. Havens performed for three hours because some of the acts had trouble reaching the festival. After his Woodstock performance, Havens went to create his own record label known as Stormy Forest and released 5 more albums.

    Richie Havens kept performing his music up until March of 2012 when he announced that after 45 year of touring he had to stop due to health concerns. Havens passed away three days ago on April 22 of a heart attack and the Woodstock Icon will be greatly missed by all.

    Celebrate the life of Richie Havens with us today at 5PM at WERS!

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    Re: Richie Havens R.I.P.

    Very sad to hear of Richie Havens passing.His song Freedom that he sang at Woodstock was an iconic moment which captured the spirit of Woodstock.

    Also,passing away last week was Chrissy Amphlett from the group "The Divinyls".She had gotten MS in 2007 and then had breast cancer in 2010.She sang the controversial song "I touch myself"back in 1991.During her waning days,she had said"When people hear "I touch myself",I hope it reminds them to do self breast exams.

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    Re: Richie Havens R.I.P.

    Great performer - great artist.

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    Re: Richie Havens R.I.P.

    In response to jesseyeric's comment:

    Great performer - great artist.