Roger Waters will soon join the revolving cast of an off-Broadway play that has recently been revived.  

"The Exonerated" follows the true life chronicles of 6 people who were sentenced to death and were eventually freed when their innocence came to light.

The play debuted in October 2002, and ran for 600 performances; the show ran with a rotating cast of stars reading the accounts of the death row inmates.  

The show was revived this past September for its 10th anniversary.  

"Though he is a neophyte actor, much of Mr. Waters’s music has always been heavily theatrical. The prime example, “The Wall,” is the rock opera Mr. Waters composed about his internal struggle to come to terms with his father’s death in World War II and the psychological isolation he later suffered. That 1979 show is laced with antiwar imagery and messages reflecting Mr. Waters’s deep pacifism."

Most people have not heard of the play, and Waters will no doubt give it visibility.   He's only appearing for a few performances, November 27 - December 2, in what's described as a very small theatre venue -- a true opportunity to see Waters up close from the sound of it.  

Nice, eh?