Rolling Stones songs being featured on Monday Night Football

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    Rolling Stones songs being featured on Monday Night Football

    It's only Rock & Roll but I like it!

    ESPN will commemorate the Rolling Stones’ 50th anniversary on Monday nights throughout the NFL season with "Legend to Legend," a unique collaboration with the Universal Music Group that will combine Monday Night Football highlights with classic tracks from the legendary band featuring Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood. 

    ESPN is licensing 16 Rolling Stones tracks, spanning the early 1970s release of "Exile on Main St." through the mid-2000's "A Bigger Bang." The songs will be a mix of popular hits and deep cuts, including "It’s Only Rock’n Roll," "Hot Stuff" and "One Hit (To the Body)." Four songs will be selected per month and will be used for four weeks at a time on ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown pregame show (6:30 p.m. ET), on bumpers and teases within the Monday Night Football game (8:30 p.m.), and in a post-MNF game highlight segment on "SportsCenter." 

    “Legend to Legend” will debut Monday, Sept. 10, when ESPN kicks off the 43rd season of Monday Night Football with two games at a special time: Cincinnati Bengals vs. Baltimore Ravens (7 p.m.) and San Diego Chargers vs. Oakland Raiders (10:15 p.m.). 

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    Re: Rolling Stones songs being featured on Monday Night Football

    The NFL will stop at nothing to make sure their brand remains the biggest money maker in this miserable economy.

    Owners and players insulted their fans by arguing over a multi-billion dollar pie. Retired players are shooting themselves due to brain damage and major pschological problems ( due to the ramped up violence in the game). Referees even want a bigger slice. New Orleans actually paid bounties to their players to seriously injure star palyers ( a.k.a the meal tickets of the league).

    If I were the Rolling Stones, I would want nothing to do with what has become a "corporate mercenaries" league. Total disregard for health and well being of the participants in exchange for huge mountains of the fans cash.

    Football fans are sheep. They will continue to dish out money and follow the most ridiculous display of money-grabbing since George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. I have separated myself from this bunch of money grabbing , insensitive , corporate foolishness that used to be "a game."
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    Re: Rolling Stones songs being featured on Monday Night Football

    Well Slim, can't completely argue with you there.

    But , at the very least ( the incident at Altamont aside) , the Rolling Stones aren't churning money through their corporate machine at the expense of human bodies.

    The NFL has no regard for health of the players. They simply chew them up , make billions of dollars off their talent, and spit them out.

    I would use Junior Seau as a prime example. By all indications a fine young man, loaded with talent and desire. The NFL used him to sell their brand ( easily one of the most recognizable players , easily one of the greatest ever, easily one of the saddest stories in sports history), you could not help but admire this man , who was loved ny all that he came in contact with.

    How many more Junior Seaus will it take before the NFL opens their eyes and sees that the young men who play this violent game are leaving it as damaged goods? They trade a few years of glory for a lot of cash, suits in corporate suites make lots of cash and when these poor , misguided souls "retire" , their lives become horror stories on CNN.

    I used to love football, when I was a kid. A naive kid who thought it was a game. It is closer to war than it is a game. The veterans that serve leave the game with many menatl and physical issues....they pretend to care, but there is too much money being made to stop this mega-billion dollar enterprise.

    The Rolling Stones may have had soem tragedy in their past, but mothing like the tragedy that is happening to NFL players when they suffer multiple concussions and various other disbilities.

    It is much like the tobacco industry...exept they are killing their best employees , not their customers.

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    Re: Rolling Stones songs being featured on Monday Night Football

    I used to be the biggest NHL fan in the world.

    I thought about hockey for about 23 of every 24 hours.

    I could name complete rosters of many NHL teams from 1972- 2006.

    I hate what the owners and the Commish have done to water down this once great sport. Over-expansion, salary cap, lockouts and threats of lockouts....lack of GOOD T.V. coverage on regular network sports channels. 

    I finally decided, as a fan, enough is enough. I am not going to be a sheep and support a league that has cheapened it's product year by year.

    NFL lost my for good last season. I already was not as big a fan as I once was, back in the 70's and 80's...but the fact that billionaire owners and millionaire players were prepared to deprive fans ( hard-core and casual alike) of a COMPLETE season showed me they care less about fans and are all about money and more money.

    I don't mean to be disrespectful of people who love football. I am still sheep for MLB. I have yet to become completely fed up with that sport...but if things keep up, boycotting this sport is not an improbability.

    I am so gald that I enjoy movies, books and music because sports in America is becoming more and more of a money hungry ambition for corporate bigwigs and les and less a game , like it used to be.

    I know it's hard to pull away from a sport you followed all your life. I miss hockey and still play it on the Playstation ( I use the rosters of past teams in older games ) , but I find it so hard that NFL football is such a big deal in an era when it is loaded with excessive violence, trashtalk ( Buddy Ryan) , and over analyzation ( ESPN HAS NFL TALK SHOWS IN MAY AND JUNE FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD!), the game is a shadow of what it was when players like Bart Starr, Len Dawson , Carl Eller, Gayle Sayers and so many others played the game without all the sideshow baloney. Football used to ba about muddy uniforms and grit, now it's about money, more money, and more money.

    Sorry to rant, but I really hate what they've done to my sports.

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    Re: Rolling Stones songs being featured on Monday Night Football

    I like football, and I don't really care if grown men choose to shorten their life spans in a cash grab. I also like Hank Williams, Jr., or I used to, until I overdosed on him listening to what seemed like a hundred years of "Are You Ready For Some Football?" What's funny to me about Zil's rant (aside from his usual inability to keep politics out of the discussion) is that it isn't just football that's all about the money in this fine 21st Century . . .  it's everything. We could just as easily have a discussion about "classic" rock stars who can barely perform anymore still charging obscene prices to watch them dodder about on stage. (In fact, I think we did that not too long ago).

    Personally, I get a kick out of the league purporting to "take a stand" on "player safety" while the networks that promote it (and actually run it) glorify the most violent aspects of the entertainment. It's Rollerball, ladies and gentlemen . . .   and I don't mean that sudsy, insipid Jean Reno Rollerball, either. I'm talking James Caan here.

    In any case, there's a sure cure for people who have grown weary of the hypocrisy in professional sports: don't watch (or at the very least, don't pay very much to watch).


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    Re: Rolling Stones songs being featured on Monday Night Football

    Sorry about the rant p-mike.

    I get carried away sometimes.

    I don't drink , so I use the posters here in place of bartenders.

    It is cheaper, safer and I get a chance to babble on about many things that get me angry.

    Even NASCAR , which I still watch, is copying the NFL with the token interview girl on the sidelines ( pit row), the hour and half pre-race show, the panel of race expert/analysts/announcers, endless commercials for cellphones. fast food and pickup trucks. Yes, much of what is going on in this world is shamelessly about raking in money and more money....I guess football really just hits me as being the least concerned about safety of their combatants/players/gladiators. But then , no one forces them into the game , so they do more or less make their own choices.

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    Re: Rolling Stones songs being featured on Monday Night Football

    Money changes everything.