Sara Bareilles.    

Triple threat singer, songwriter, musician (accomplished pianist, guitarist and more); endearing personality, intelligent, and oh yeah, all-around lovable goofball.   

Radiant, ebullient.   Real.   Relatable.   UNgimmicky.

The list has no end.   Begins and ends, however, with talent.   Pure and easy.  

Bareilles appeared at the Life is Good Festival on Saturday (9/22); her fans were out in force to support her.  Her performance exceeded my expectations, and I felt fortunate to be there; it was a rare opportunity to see a live performance of a singer that has edged her way into my heart, even though I'd never considered myself a fan.   

While it's primarily chick-oriented music, admittedly that's her focal point, she has a broad appeal, too.   Her songs aren't always easy to sing -- there's lots of syncopation, which again, showcases her talent as a songwriter and a singer.   

I am primarily familiar with her breakout album, "Little Voice"   (now having gone platinum) that ends with the heart-wrenching, "Gravity", as the final track; for that song alone, I had to seize the chance to see her.   

Sara exceeded expectations on so many levels.   Sang her heart out,  played piano and guitar, expressed fond gratitude for her band, was genuinely happy, if not thrilled, to be at LIG, told a few stories, kidded with the crowd, and if anything, left us wanting more.   

"Love Song", "Between the Lines", "Let the Rain" , "Gonna Get Over You", and so, so much more.     Nice job, Sara.