SOTD 1/22/12

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    SOTD 1/22/12

    Without a doubt....
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    Re: SOTD 1/22/12

    Jake, should I post "Eli's Coming" again?  :)

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    Re: SOTD 1/22/12

    Why not EES?

    Point spread is too high. No way Pats should be favorite by 3 1/2 points. I am surprised it is not a pick-em game.

    SOTD  - Rats in the Cellar by Aerosmith just for the chorus:

    New York City's blues
    East side, west side news
    Throw me in the slam
    Catch me if you can
    That you're wearing
    Tearing me apart
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    Re: SOTD 1/22/12

    Mmmmm.  Song of the day or sports ...??   

    Didn't think Tyler was so bad at singing ... but standing on the podium during the award ceremony was a bit overkill.  :D
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    Re: SOTD 1/22/12

    "We're A Winner" - The Impressions.

    Talk about two teams getting in by the skin of their teeth. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.

    Agree jess, Pats should not be favorites. To me, it's either pick-em or slight edge to Giants. Regular season records and stats should be thrown out the window during the playoffs. Should be a great game.

    I must be getting soft in my old age. I actually felt sorry for the Ravens, especially their field goal kicker. I was getting settled in for OT and couldn't believe my eyes. Brady better bring his best to Indy or it will be a long game for the Pats.
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    Re: SOTD 1/22/12

    Paul Revere & The Raiders - "Kicks"

    For obvious reasons, I should think....