Sound check in this case is feedback and opinions, something this august forum is so good at -- RE: The Who.

I've seen quite a number of references and reminders that the Rolling Stones will celebrate their 50th anniversary next year, have you?  In fact, I don't even go looking for them, but reminders of the big bash are everywhere.   Not that this isn't a big deal ... but the Who will also celebrate the big 5-0 the following year, 2014, and you barely hear a whisper about this milestone.   

Additionally, despite working very hard to break my insufferable listmania habit, I saw a list of the "100 Greatest Artists of All-Time" and the Who came in a dreadful number 29.     The Rolling Stones were in the number 4 position, not surprisingly.   

So the question is this:  Are the Who more of a footnote than they used to be?   Their legacy is intact for certain, but have they failed to maintain a viable, credible presence?   Were they always known as the great "live" band, but not so much for their popular recordings?   They never had as many popular, mainstream singles, so were they more of a music fan's band, and not the band for "everyman"?   Quality over quantity, let's face it, they composed some of rocks greatest anthems, gorgeous and resonant to this day.   

What's the story as you see it or know it?   

NOTE: BTW, they were in the Guinnes Book of World Records as the world's loudest band.  No surprise there.